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How to add value to your website

The internet has reached a corner, a milestone, a new age. Long gone are the days when the fundamental reason people would turn to the World Wide Web would be to use it as a library, as a means to answer their questions. Today’s internet is all about interactivity and usability whilst on the move. Consequently websites are evolving, moving with the times.

In order to add value to your website you need to firstly recognise the emerging digital trends and secondly, accommodate for them.

Take a look at five ways you can improve your digital presence by adding value to your website.

Add a video to your website

In the last couple of years video on the internet has exploded. As well as reading content on a website, audiences are looking to be entertained. Videos provide the perfect avenue to entertain visitors and keep them poised at your site.

Through videos your personality will come through much stronger than when relying merely on content. It will help you build rapport with fans, customers and potential customers. Ultimately video content can help drive traffic to your site, create leads and result in more sales and greater profitability.

Make your website mobile friendly

According to a Google report we have ‘multiscreen consumers’ of media. With people reaching to their mobile devices to go online and get connected, your website will be in a much better position to cater for our contemporary mobile-addicted society.

Designing a site so it gives people a mobile-friendly experience when they reach it via a smartphone or tablet should be a priority. There are a number of strategies you can take in order to make your website optimised for mobile.

Simplify your site

To display well on a mobile screen the design of the site should be simplified. Larger font sizes, simpler page designs, large ‘touchable’ buttons that are fat-finger-proof and all the crucial information placed

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