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Balancing website creativity and mobile accessibility

Should your website prioritise creativity or mobile accessibility? Ideally, it should prioritise both. A website that is accessible and optimised for mobile devices has one great advantage; it is appealing to mobile audiences. With a surging number of people accessing the internet primarily through smartphones and tablets, mobile sites are at a distinct advantage. By the same token creative websites that stand out from the crowd, ensuring visiting is fun, entertaining and fresh also bring benefits. Having a website that doesn’t look like umpteen competitors is likely to gauge interest, increase traffic and ultimately help ‘sell’ your brand. In short, it’s all about getting a balance between the sites that are accessible to mobile visits and a website that offers a creative, innovative and immersive experience.

So how do we achieve what is often deemed as an elusive balance between website creativity and accessibility?

Seek inspiration

Creative websites strive to provide something that will inspire its visitors. To achieve an inspiring site you should expose yourself to different types of design. As well as working on the structure, colour and style elements of your site so it’s less run-of-the-mill and laborious, think about implementing other creative means and techniques. For example, introduce photography, print design and architecture on the site. Don’t rely on other people photos and images. Carry a camera with you and take images of the inspirational world around you. This way you can craft imagery on your site tailored for your specific audience, so it inspires and engages them and compels them to revisit your site time and time again.

Inspiring and creative without compromising mobile accessibility

It is a fairly common misconception that a uniquely-designed website, brimming with inspiring images, captivating graphics and creative videos would look cripplingly out of place on a smartphone or tablet.

The good news is that WordPress themes with responsive designs provide the flexibility and power to support a creative site. You can also make a less ‘conventionally-designed’ site more mobile accessible by using mobile plugins. Plugins are designed to add greater functionality to websites. Plugins such as WPTouch have fantastic reputations of transforming even the most ‘adventurous’ of sites into quasi-mobile applications.

Get creative and mobile-accessible with content

As the majority of websites are ‘read’ opposed to ‘listened to’ or ‘watched’, it stands to reason that content is an important component of a website. One of the greatest aspects about content is that with some original thinking, quality writing and a great subject matter, a site can become infinitely more creative without affecting how optimised it is for mobile consumption.

In short, get creative with your words. Put them in a larger font so they stand out, not just on a fiddly iPhone screen but on a conventional website too. After all, inspiring, engaging and creative words

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