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10 reasons to consider a bespoke website

Anyone can create a website with very little experience and for a relatively small cost. You can create one with WordPress, using one of many templates to create something reasonably unique and that works well.

For businesses however, a website is far more than a basic digital presence. Sometimes, basic and off the shelf aren’t good enough – especially when it comes to security, the customer experience, e-commerce functionality and brand reputation.

Here are just 10 of the many reasons why you might want to consider getting a bespoke website built for you:

  1. Greater customisation. Websites created with budget-friendly templates offer limited opportunities for customisation. You can change a few things such as colours or styles, but you can’t necessarily customise these templates to get the look, feel and functions that you need.
  2. Improved security. Platforms such as WordPress are vulnerable to hacks and security breaches, often through outdated or incompatible plugins or weaknesses in coding. Updates are released all the time to fix security issues, but this is nowhere near as secure as building security into the design itself.
  3. Bespoke support. The person or team who built your website will know exactly how it works and how to fix any problems. This means no more time stuck in call centre queues for generic troubleshooting.
  4. Unique, standout design. If you use a WP template, your website is bound to look similar to someone else’s. If you want cutting-edge design (particularly important for businesses in creative industries) that stands out, you need a bespoke design.
  5. SEO advantages. While there are plugins you can add to your website to improve SEO, this can’t compare to a site built by an SEO expert with SEO in mind.
  6. An incredible UX. Employing a design and development team to create your website leads to smoother navigation, improved functionality and far fewer annoying bugs. This means a vastly improved experience for the user.
  7. Working with your ideas. If you want input into the design (which most brands will definitely want to do), this is the ideal opportunity. The right designer or developer will work with you and your ideas to build a site that meets your needs and brief down to the letter.
  8. Responsive design. Many WordPress and other site templates are designed to be responsive – so they display properly on different sized screens. However, this isn’t quite the same as having a design that is specially adapted for mobile and tablet and presents the content in the optimum way for these platforms.
  9. Targeting your audience. Bespoke websites can also be created with your target audience in mind, drawing on customer personas to develop a site that is most likely to appeal specifically to these visitors.
  10. Complex websites. If your website needs to perform complex functions or is largely data driven, a template simply won’t cut it.

To discuss having a custom website built for your business, contact the specialist website team at Ambos Digital.

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