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10 places to find creative inspiration for your new website

For some people, designing a website that is functional and useable is the easy bit. Injecting it with style, personality, cutting-edge aesthetics and a look that ties in with the ethos and image of the brand is where they encounter difficulties. How do you know where to start? Whether you’re designing from scratch or briefing a designer, here are 10 places to look for web design inspiration:

  1. Awwwards. This is the go-to place for web design inspiration, partly because it actually ranks and awards websites based on features, creativity, innovation and aesthetics rather than simply acting as a pinboard for millions of different ideas. Winners in different categories are chosen by jury, and you can even curate and categorise your own content.
  2. Pinterest. If you’ve got lots of time on your hands, lose yourself in the many boards for web design created and added to by Pinterest users. Pick up some ideas, and perhaps even post a few pins of your own.
  3. Admire the Web. To save you time, this web design gallery shows you large screengrabs of great looking websites so you don’t have to click on each individually. You can also narrow down your choices with clearly marked categories and tags.
  4. Other websites. It’s not often you will stumble across a website and think “wow”, but other brands and competitors’ websites are the ideal place to seek inspiration if you can find them. Luckily, sites like this one find and curate the most inspirational designs for you.
  5. Little Big Details. Many designers believe the key to a standout website is the little details, and they’d be right! Little Big Details showcases clever, user-friendly and in some cases, charming interfaces and designs from all over the internet, where the tiny details really matter.
  6. HTML Inspiration. This gallery doesn’t bombard you with best practice tips and detailed analysis – it lets the work speak for itself. Enjoy glorious images and soak up the creative flair, all while picking up lots of useful bits and pieces for your own site.
  7. The FWA. So many website galleries you can find online are influenced by other people’s opinions on what makes a good website, but what you may want to emulate are industry-leading, award-winning website designs and practices. Find the inspiration you need on the Favorite Website Awards website, which is known for featuring only the very best sites, and also has a vibrant and active user community.
  8. Site Inspire. If you favour clean, minimal web design over trends, statements and clutter, this is the gallery for you. Its carefully curated and regularly updated.
  9. Styleboost. Known for its clear and easy browsing of design inspirations, plus a handy summary next to each, Styleboost currently has nearly 1,500 sites to browse, with more added regularly.
  10. The Design Inspiration. While it may not be as easy to search and personalise your selections as other similar sites, The Design Inspiration really does push the boat out on creativity – making it well worth a visit.

Where do you find your web design inspiration? Please feel free to share your insider tips!

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