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10 creative ideas for freshening up your social media marketing

When you’re using a social media account to promote a business, it’s easy for the content you post to become a bit stale and repetitive. This is especially the case if social media marketing is not your only role, as is the case in many small businesses where everyone has to muck in.

If you think your social media content needs livening up, here are 10 incredibly simple ways to inject some freshness into things for your customers:

  1. Create a hashtag for testimonials, and encourage your customers to use it when providing feedback. This gets all of your feedback in one place, allows you to share positive reports easily and starts a conversation about your brand.
  2. Post videos and photos explaining how your products are made. Customers find this kind of behind-the-scenes content fascinating.
  3. Make tutorials that feature your products and services. These will demonstrate how your products can solve problems, while also positioning your brand as an expert in its field, offering customers essential advice.
  4. Have different employees manage your accounts. Swapping in a new social media manager for the day can be a great idea, as it gives your brand a new voice and lets customers get to know your team.
  5. Run photo competitions. Encourage your customers to share their content, and use this to add some diversity to your social media content.
  6. Host a Q&A. As long as you’re prepared for some tricky questions and potentially negative feedback, this can be a very useful exercise in speaking to your customers one-to-one.
  7. Live tweet events. If you’re holding an event, take customers along for the ride by live tweeting throughout the day.
  8. Offer an insight into the office. For example, post your office playlist for the day, share photos of the team in action and of interesting events in the day.
  9. Share the love for your partners. Joining in conversations with your partners is a great way to promote both brands while avoiding the sales pitch.
  10. Run competitions. General competitions with great prizes are a great way to get your customers engaging with you, whether sharing info, photos or retweeting you.

If you find it difficult to track down content to share with your audience, many of these tips will help you to create your own unique content, something that your customers will appreciate.

Why bother changing the way you use social media marketing? First and foremost, because your customers don’t like to be sold at. If your posts are repetitive and solely sales driven, they will become boring. The challenge is to get customers interested in your brand, to encourage them to share content they like and respond to it – this isn’t something you can do with the same old sales posts, week in and week out.

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